mantra meditation workshops and consultations

mantra meditation workshops and consultations

mantra meditation workshops and consultations mantra meditation workshops and consultations

Dr. Rajan Markose


 Raj has a Doctorate in  Metaphysical Theology. He was  born and raised in India where he learned from  and had direct  experience with the Great Masters: Sai Baba, Matha Amritanandamayi,   Babaji, and Paramahamsa Yogananda.

He was initiated into Mantra Meditation by the successor by  whom Jesus Christ was initiated. Before his arrival here in the USA, he spent 27  years as a  practicing attorney and served as a legal advisor to major  banks and insurance  companies in India.

He is both a Reiki Master and a Liquid Light Healer

Rising Star Healer and a  Prema Birthing Healing practitioner.  He is Licensed Minister of Angel Ministries.




The ultimate and final relief from all your problems, worries and stress.
Scientifically proven Mantra Meditation transforms your mind and  reinforces it to hither to unseen levels of consciousness making it an  irresistible power within yourself. A blissful abode to rely on.
Be free from the stress, drudgery, monotony and boredom of a repeated mundane life pattern.
Easy to practice and easy to achieve a higher mental state.



• Mantras are energy-based sounds. 

• Mantras create thought energy waves 

• Mantras are tools of power and tools for power. 

• Definition of mantras is oriented towards either the results of  repeating the mantra or of the intentions of the original framers and  testers of the mantra. 

• Mantras have been tested and verified by their original framers or users. 

•  Mantras are energy which can be likened to fire. 

• Mantras energize prana. 

• Mantras eventually heal and quiet the mind. 

• Mantras confer blessings leading to prosperity and a happy life. 





Every matter from the tiniest DNA strand in us to the largest  continents is in a constant vibration resulting in the emission of  subtle sounds. A MANTRA is a mystical energy encased in a sound structure. Every  mantra contains within its vibrations a certain power. Upon  concentration and repetition of a given mantra, its energy is liberated  and takes form The great teachers of ancient times had the power to listen to  the subtlest of these sounds. They discovered that specific sounds  energized specific portion of the brain thereby awakening extraordinary  powers(siddhis).They used these sounds to form sacred words that are  called mantras. Mantras have a profound impact upon us due to two reasons • The vibration effect of the sound  • The effect of collective emotional energy behind that word due to constant repetition overtime.



  Mantras act upon our bodies by reprogramming the vibration of the cell that has somehow gone askew. They restore the pattern of sounds at the heart of each and every cell, thus pushing the cells towards harmonious health. Mantras affect not only our physical body but also our subtle body, our emotions, intellect and soul. They positively affect our Aura, the energy shields surrounding our body. Energy of a mantra We hear any word and have an emotional reaction to it. This is because we are conditioned by our experiences Connected to that word AND  the collective emotions that people have towards that word. As an example the word mother when spoken with deliberation,  evokes emotional energy realignment. Just imagine the power of sounds  repeated billions of times, with great collective devotion and over  centuries. The sounds form the heart of Mantras and deeply influence the energy alignment within us.  



Raj has constructed two sanctuaries in his house at 1925 Redfern Road, Venice 34293 One inside and one outside with a fountain. He is conducting meditations and appointments everyday .