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 The first reference in the Bible to God's  name at Exodus 3;14 when Mose's asked God's name,the voice from the  burning bush replied  'I AM THAT IAM'.
Depicted in John 1:1 "Word" means  itelligent vibration, intelligent energy going forth from God. the word  that in the beginning and service of all created substance in cosmic  vibration combined with cosmic intelligence.
I AM is the same as'OM' the WORD,



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Rising Star Healing System

 The Rising Star Healing System ™  is probably the most complimentary  healing system on the planet at this time. Rising  Star Healings raise  the vibration of the aura (human energy field) and the  field around  every living thing, creating a higher state of health, well-being  &  feeling good!

The Rising Star Healing System  allows the practitioner and the  receiver to still the mind to the part of  divine life energy and  transfer your being that needs it the most for your  healing and  rebalancing to full health.
  Because of this and because it works on so  many different levels at  once, a person receiving Rising Star say for a bad  back, may find that  another illness also gets helped. This is because it works  on all  levels. Your overall well- being. You can find that the healing also has   an effect on family and friends as when you change so do all around  you. This  is based on the fact that we are all connected and not  separate. 
Since Rising Star is for everyone’s personal  and spiritual advancement you may wish to continue.
 Most people integrate  with sets of three sessions. this healing  system into their personal wellness.  

Prema Birth Healing


Out with the old, in with the NOW.

The Prema Birthing healing system is the most loving way to be  REBORN into your True Self. It is a gentle and powerful way for you to  let go of the negative programming and limiting beliefs that keep you  stuck.

"Wipe the slate clean"

Each of us is born with a set of circumstances, or "karmas", that  create our experiences. As we live our lives and learn from our  surroundings, we accumulate fears, false belief systems, and negative  programming. As we come into awareness of these things that no longer  serve us, we become ready to let go of them.

The Prema Birthing process can eliminate dis-ease from all levels of your being - mind, body, and spirit.

If you are aware of the things you are ready to let go of at this  time in your life, you can release them during a Prema Birthing  session. This transforms the environment or receptors in your body,  which in turn change the cells of your biology, and dis-ease has to  leave. The results of this technique have amazed countless people around  the world who have experienced it.

You will emerge with a new program running on your “hard drive.” that says you are whole and well.

Truly our greatest healer and teacher lie within. The Prema  Birthing process is like bringing you right back to the “programmer” to  have old programs, no longer useful in your life, deleted and new  positive programs put in their place with your consent so that you are  ready to face the world as a whole being. You become ready to find the  truth that will set you free from limitation, and put yourself on the  path to abundance.